When you’re buying a home, part of the process is ordering a home inspection. Hire a professional inspector to assess the condition of the property. He or she will create a report detailing the findings. Your inspection report will provide a thorough and accurate representation of the condition of the home. Here are a few of the most important things you should look for in your home inspection report.

Your Inspection Report Will Cover the Foundation of the Home

The foundation is the base on which a house is built. Foundation shifting and cracks can lead to major problems over time. During the inspection, the foundation will be assessed by your home inspector. They will note any problems or damages that are observed. The inspector will explain the condition of the foundation and help you understand concerns that may require immediate repair or pose problems in the future.

Learn About the Condition of the Roof

The roof is one of the most important components of a home. It protects the structure of the building and your belongings from the wind, rain, snow, and sun. Your home inspector will examine the roofing of the property. He or she will look for problems with the roof, like missing or damaged shingles, rusted and cracked flashing, and will inspect the condition of the guttering. The inspector will add information to the report regarding the condition of roofing materials and will estimate the age of the roof. This information will help you plan ahead for roof repairs or replacement.

Plumbing Will be Included in Your Home Inspection Report

Plumbing leaks lead to water damage, structural problems, mold growth, and an increased water bill. A home inspector knows what to look for regarding plumbing issues. Your inspection report will include information on the type and condition of plumbing pipes. If the inspector finds signs of leaks or water damage, these will be noted. When you’re buying a house, it’s important to be aware of plumbing issues and resulting problems. You may feel the need to renegotiate your purchase contract if the house has major water damage or mold problems.

After your inspection, review the findings with your inspector. He or she can explain the concerns and help you better understand the condition of the property you are purchasing.

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