Pre-Inspected Homes &

By using the  platform, it will allow you and your agent to know who are the prospective buyers that downloaded the report so you can contact them and speed up the sales process.

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Step 1

Home Inspection

We perform a high quality professional inspections on your property. Our goal is that if the buyer does get a home inspection, that the inspector does not find anything of importance that wasn’t already part of our report.

Step 2

Fix Items

Let us help you find quality contractors to correct a few items that could make the sale of the house difficult or adjust the price and present them as is. You may decide to do some of the repairs yourself if you’re qualified and save money.

Step 3

Add Report on

We upload the pre-listing inspection report on, your report hosting platform that allows you to capture prospective buyer’s contact information to speed up the sales process. This service comes completely free with your inspection.

Step 4


Your agent will include the report download links on all their marketing from MLS listing to social media post and feature sheets. We will also include a lawn signs that shows that the house is pre-inspected and where to download it to capture the interest of even more prospective buyers.

Step 5

Speed Up Sale

When prospective buyers download the report for free, your agent will get an email notification with the buyer’s contact information allowing your agent to contact them and answer any questions they may have in order to close the sale as quickly as possible.